Coaching Services

Benefits Disclaimer

I do not guarantee that you will experience results in any given timeframe or that your physical, mental, psychological, or emotional well-being will be immediately or drastically improved. I do not claim to diagnose or treat any specific conditions. I’m a Coach, not a physician, psychiatrist, or medical professional. I’ve been trained to provide guidance, emotional support, and encouragement.


It’s crucial to find a good fit. Making sure we’re a good match is essential to me and will greatly benefit us both - which is why I offer a risk-free discovery call. In addition, for the coaching programs, a full refund is available to you after the first session, should you decide you do not want to continue with the program. To receive this refund, you must notify me in writing within 24 hours after the initial session. Failure to do so will forfeit your opportunity for a refund. Deep dive sessions are non-refundable.