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COVID-19, World vs Virus

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

The era of pandemic has impacted the way people interact today and moving forward.

The madness and fear of an unknown and widespread virus had impacted the way we look at day-to-day interactions with family, friends, neighbors, and our community.

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has raised many red flags among world wide government and healthcare systems.

Chaos has risen between government officials and healthcare and research organizations. Similar to these organizations, many more are also trying to make sense of this uncontrollable terror that has caused death, fear, and heartbreak among people worldwide.

Can't wait to go back to normal

Going from our days being consumed by endless hours at work with little time to spend with loved ones, to become a prisoner in our own homes, is quite frankly an uncomfortable transition.

From the world that needs a desperate break from pollution to don't breathe the clean air. From the world of high tech to batteling a world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. From the life of fast-paced to empty streets. From the colorful supermarkets to empty shelves. From the lively restaurants and bars, to stacked up chairs and tables. How did we get here? Who is responsible for this? How do we deal with this?

There are many questions and unknowns that worldwide governments and health organizations tried to find answers and keep the flames of rage and fear in control. We do not know who to believe and trust. Who is right, and who is not. What will become of us, and this world?

Suddenly the decision makers loosen their restrictions from being cocooned in our home for nearly 160 days from social interactions to stop sanitizing our groceries and packages to stop wearing protective masks and back to dining places at six feet apart. We start slowly losing the fear of travel to finding the flights with a blocked middle seat that gives us the psychological safety of passenger distance will keep me safe in my travel.

And now that spread of infection has tripled, they are struggling once again, getting everyone's attention and go back where we have started!

I'm confident we will overcome this pandemic and learn once again how to live and interact in the world of uncertainty. What COVID has taught us that we will never go back the way we use to live and work. We need a world alliance among all countries in detecting and warning future threats of infections that we will never again have to deal with this kind of disorder. As the world unfolds itself, we will continue to learn, adapt, move forward in new ways of thinking, living, and working.

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